What is Durostone ? Applications of Durostone

What is Durostone?

Durostone is a high-molecular artificial stone synthesized from glass fiber with stone powder combined with many high-grade additives …. forming a material with extremely strong, hard, and resistant bonding. very high temperature. Durostone is resistant to high temperature, electrical insulation: “materials in mechanical processing, machine building and circuit board making in the electronics industry”

Specification of Durostone Stone

  • Dimensions: 1220 x 2440mm
  • Thickness: 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20
  • Color: Black, Gray
  • Origin: China, Korea
  • Density: 1.95 – 2 g/cm3

Features of Durostone Stone

  • Durostone very durable and hard (not afraid of cracking)
  • Durostone has excellent CNC machining ability because the molecular bonds of Durostone are very strong, one can mill and engrave very sophisticated and sophisticated details.
  • Durostone stone has good heat resistance, if it is classified as a technical plastic, they are the best heat-resistant plastic (normal operation at 300 degrees Celsius, over the safety level at 370 degrees Celsius).
  • Durostone is quite chemical resistant, they are resistant to many solvents.
  • Good antistatic Durostone is also one of the advantages of this durostone.

Applications of Durostone

  • Surface resistance: 10^6 – 10^9 Ω so the insulation is very low
  • In environments where high temperatures are required
  • Making jigs, jigs, molds for soldering ICs, PCBs, wave soldering
  • In the technology of embedded soldering circuits
  • Used in the process of soldering ICs, PCBs, wave soldering
  • Making jigs, molds, heat-resistant jigs in paint booths, soldering ovens
  • In environments where high temperatures are required
  • In the heat-resistant furnace, tin soldering furnace
  • Used in the process of soldering ICs, PCBs, electronic circuits, boards
  • Making jigs, molds, heat-resistant jigs in paint booths, soldering ovens
  • All SMT . Processes
  • In wave condition and electric welding
  • Mainly applied to machining jigs and jigs that need high precision, applications in electronic manufacturing, delicate parts that need to be subjected to high temperatures, or used as baffles as bases in heat
  • resistant places. kilns without the use of metal.

​Physicochemical properties of Durostone

Thông số Đơn vị Kết quả kiểm tra
Sức uốn (Bình thường) MPa 393
Mô đun đàn hồi của độ co dãn (Normalcy) MPa 2,20 x 10 4
Điện trở suất Ω 2,0×10 7
Cường độ va đập Charpy (không bị chìm) KJ / m 2 95,2
Nhiệt độ tạm thời (350 ° C, 20 giây ) – Hình dáng Không thay đổi
Nhiệt độ làm việc (280 ° C, 3000 phút ) – Xuất hiện Hơi sáng màu
Sức mạnh cắt ngang MPa 60,9
Tỉ trọng G / cm 3 1,95
Độ ẩm % 0,08
Mở rộng tuyến tính (30 ° C – 200 ° C ) 10 -6 / k 6.996
Độ dẫn nhiệt (40 ° C ) W / (m · K ) 0,614

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